21 Day Fix Grilling Recipes

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Summer is finally here! Well sort of, it has been raining everyday for what seems like forever. When the nice summer weather does finally come to stay, we will have some delicious 21 Day Fix grilling recipes ready to hit the grill! I love grilling because I always look for recipes that require little or no container ingredients, besides the meat of course, and there are also less dishes to wash after a meal. Win-win!

During the warmer months, my weekly meal plans always include as many barbecued recipes as the weather forecast will allow me to. I always have a chicken dish, a pork dish, and a beef dish on the plan. I look for marinades that require few ingredients and that I can make ahead of time so that when I come home from work, all I have to do is turn on the barbecue and cook the meat. Salad or grilled veggies are usually what I use as a side dish. I go for anything quick and simple to make for the weeknights. During the weekend, I go for more elaborate concoctions.

There are a ton of 21 Day Fix grilling recipes out there, and I have gathered a few that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do!

21 Day Fix Grilling Recipes

Ginger Soy Flank Steak

Ginger Soy Flank Steak - 21 Day Fix grilling recipes

Flank steak is so tender and versatile, it is definitely a staple in our house. There are many different ways to marinate it, and I like to dress it up with a homemade salsa once in a while. This healthy version is perfect for a weeknight meal and you most likely have most if not all of the ingredients already on hand. CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE!

Grilled Pork Chops with Peach and Jalapeño Salsa

21 Day Fix Grilled-Pork-Chops-with-Peach-and-Jalapeno-Salsa - 21 Day Fix grilling recipes

I was just saying that I love dressing up grilled meat with a homemade salsa, and this one is perfect! The sweet and spicy combination of the peach and the jalapeno will leave you wanting more. I don’t know what I love more about this recipe… The sweet and spicy combination or the fix container count… 1 Red and 1/2 Purple, I think I will double up on that delicious salsa! Over-cooked pork chops can be very dry, but that will not be the case with this salsa on top. It is a perfect recipe for entertaining; your guests will be so impressed with your creativity! CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE!

Healthy Barbecue Sauce

21 Day Fix Healthy Barbecue Sauce - 21 Day Fix grilling recipes

If you need some inspiration to figure out what to throw on the grill, this barbecue sauce will come to the rescue. You an totally make this ahead of time and keep in your fridge for a quick weeknight solution. Store-bought barbecue sauces are loaded with sodium and sugar and you should definitely try making your own. It is so simple and you will be so glad you did! This Fix-approved version is sweetened with honey and a hint of liquid smoke can be added for extra depth. You can omit the liquid smoke or substitute it with 1/2 tsp of smoked paprika if you want the hint of smokey flavor. CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE!

7 Healthy Takes on Grilled Pizza

21 Day Fix Healthy Grilled Pizza - 21 Day Fix grilling recipes

If you’ve never tried grilling pizza, you definitely need to give this a try! Making your own pizza is so much healthier than ordering take out. You can control what goes on your pizza and know exactly which containers to count. Grilling your pizza rather than throwing it in the oven not only adds a whole new depth of flavour but it is also practical in the hot summer months when you don’t necessarily want to heat up your oven in an already hot kitchen. CLICK HERE TO GET 7 VARIATIONS OF GRILLED PIZZA!


15 Helpful Grilling Tips - 21 Day Fix grilling recipes

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