21-Day Fix Better-Than-Takeout Recipes

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Ordering takeout while following any fitness and nutrition plan can really undo all of the hard work you have put in. If you want to stay on track, stay away from fast food and takeout! Luckily there are many 21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes readily available to us.

I have a weak spot for Thai food. I crave pad thai every other week!  But I don’t stop at Thai Express. I just keep on driving and try and take my mind off of it. I know that it’s packed with oil, sodium and the calorie count is through the roof! I wonder how many Yellows fit into that cute little take out box… If you’ve ever dumped the contents of those little takeout containers onto a plate, you would realize that you could feed a whole family with that amount of noodles.

Whether you crave Chinese food, pizza, burgers and fries or fish and chips, there are alternative options for you that are Fix-approved and will satisfy your craving! Here are a few 21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes you can make at home and enjoy without the guilt!

21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes

Takeout Copycat Recipe #1 – Pad Thai

21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes - Pad Thai

This Pad Thai with spaghetti squash has all of the fixings you would get from a fast food restaurant, including lime and crumbled peanuts! Bonus –  this version of Pad Thai only counts as a 1/2 yellow and is packed with vegetables! Get the recipe HERE!

Takeout Copycat Recipe #2 – Banh-Mi

Banh-Mi 21-Day Fix Tacos

Banh-Mi is a vietnamese sandwich that is gaining in popularity. It is typically made with grilled meat and pickled vegetables and is served on a baguette. The original version on baguette bread would take up about 4 yellow containers from the bread alone. I have found this little gem of a recipe for you Banh-Mi lovers on Thegarlicdiaries.com. It contains all of the goodness you would find in a typical Banh-Mi sandwich, including your pickled vegetables. By serving it in a corn tortilla instead of the baguette, we are only counting 1 yellow container instead of 4!   Get the recipe HERE!

Takeout Copycat Recipe #3 – Beef with Brocoli

21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes - Beef with brocoli

My kids love beef with brocoli and used to ask for it every time we ordered in. The culprit in the original version is definitely sodium. By making it myself at home, I can control the amount of salt that goes in to the recipe, making it much healthier for the kiddos. There are many versions out there, I find that your best bet is to choose the one with the least ingredients. My favorite one comes from Food.com and I do make a couple of modifications to the recipe to make it healthier, such as substitute honey for the brown sugar and only use 1 tablespoon of olive oil instead of the vegetable oil it calls for. I serve it over brown rice. I count is as 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 teaspoon and 1.5 yellows (sauce and rice).  Get the recipe HERE!

Takeout Copycat Recipe #4 – Chicken Burrito Bowls

21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes - Chicken Burrito Bowl

Fast food burrito bowls may seem like a healthy option, but I assure you it is not the case. For instance, a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle’s  has 655 calories, 22.5g of fat and 1450 mg of sodium. What??? If you need motivation to stay away from takeout, don’t hesitate to use your favorite fast food restaurant’s online nutrition calculator and you will be shocked at what you have been putting into your body! So next time you are craving Mexican food, try this 21-Day Fix Chicken Burrito Bowl I found on Carrieelle.com. You’ll be so glad you did! Get the recipe HERE! 

Takeout Copycat Recipe #5 – Pizza

Margherita-Pizza - 21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes

Who doesn’t love a gooey slice of doughy pizza? I know I do! And so does Autumn Calabrese who always claims that pizza with wine is her all-time favorite cheat meal! This pizza uses a pre-made whole wheat pizza dough and staple ingredients that you probably already have on-hand. I always keep packaged whole-wheat pizza dough in my freezer. I sometimes swap the dough with whole wheat Naan bread or pita bread. Margherita pizza is my favorite, and Hawaiian is a very close second! This recipe for Margherita pizza is perfect as is, but you can add toppings to it if you wish. Just be sure to count your containers if you do! Get the recipe HERE! 

21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes

You can definitely get your fix of your takeout faves at home with these healthier options. They will help you stay on track and get your that much closer to your goals. So go ahead and bookmark this page so that next time a craving hits you, you can refer back to it and opt for the healthy alternative! Let me know how you did!

I hope you enjoy these 21-Day Fix Takeout Recipes as much as I do and that they help you achieve your goals!

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