21-Day Fix Meal Planning 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

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21-Day Fix Meal Planning 101

21-Day Fix Meal Planning 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

So you have decided to take the plunge and start the 21-Day Fix program! Congrats to you, I promise you won’t regret it! It is a great thing you are doing for yourself. I hope that the tips you find in this 21-Day Fix Meal Planning 101 guide will be helpful to you!

As you become more familiar with the program, you will soon see that great results are made in the kitchen, and that the key to success is planning. You may become overwhelmed with the thought of measuring out your portions and planning every single thing that goes in your mouth. Take a deep breath, it’s really not that complicated, and it becomes easier with a little practice. It will eventually become second nature to you. You’ve got this!

But where do I start? There are a couple strategies that I find are useful when I am staring at my blank meal planner and nothing comes to mind. I hope you find them useful!

Strategy 1 – Discounted Meal Planning

21-Day Fix Meal Planning 101
The supermarket flyer is a great place to start your meal planning process!

Seek inspiration in your local grocery flyer! Look for sales on produce and meat and build your meals from there. You will find this strategy helpful not only on an inspirational level but it will also be easier on the wallet!

I typically start with protein and build the rest of my meals from there. Buying extra and freezing is also a good idea, especially when you find a good discount on expensive items like chicken breasts or ground turkey. A couple weeks later, when you find yourself lacking inspiration once again, check your freezer and build your meal plan from whatever you find in there!


Strategy 2 – Buffet-Style Planning

21-Day Fix Meal Planning 101
Buffet-Style meal planning

If you don’t mind repetitive meals throughout the week, this is for you! Pick a couple types of meat, veggies and starches and make big batches of each. Store in your fridge and measure out your portions from there by making different combinations. For example, on Sunday Prep Day, you would prepare the following :

  • A few chicken breasts cooked in a pan or on the grill
  • Spiced Ground beef
  • A few baked sweet potatoes
  • A big batch of quinoa
  • Roast some root vegetables in the oven
  • Steam some brocoli and cauliflower

Once all your food is cooked and ready to go, lay out your storage containers and fill them with different combinations of the food you have prepared so that you get a little more variety.

Having the appropriate storage containers is important especially if you are prepping for 3 or more days. I use Bento-Style containers and find that these work best.

You can see a detailed explanation of this particular method on Fixate on Beachbody On Demand.

Strategy 3 – Fixed Container Attribution

21-Day Fix Meal Planning 101
Fixed Attribution Meal Planning Method

The fixed container attribution method involves assigning a group of containers for every meal of the day and always planning your meals around these.

Example for the 1200-1499 calorie range

  • Breakfast : 1R, 1Y, 1P, 1t
  • Snack : 1R, 1P
  • Lunch : 1G, 1R, 1O
  • Snack : 1G, 1B
  • Dinner : 1G, 1R, 1Y, 1t

This provides a great starting point and can be combined with any of the other 2 strategies. Please note that if you are doing 21-Day Fix Extreme, you have to be mindful of which colours go where!

If after reading this 21-Day Fix Meal Planning 101 guide you still feel like you need some help, you can greatly benefit from already made meal plans, just like the ones available here for you to print and use!


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