21-Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 3

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Here is your 21-Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 3!

One of my all time favorite recipes (I know I have many all-time favorites…) is the 21-Day Fix Beef Burritos. This is by far one of the most satisfying meals you will have on the Fix! I use small whole wheat tortillas and try to squeeze a full red container of stuffing inside it, but always end up a tablespoon or so short. This is one to double and freeze individually for a quick grab and go lunch!

Remember that grilled chicken breast we sliced up and froze during week 1? It will definitely come in handy this week as there a few salads on the meal plans which use either Grilled Chicken or Deli Turkey Breast. You could also substitute this for tuna if you wanted to for more variety. I am personally not a huge fan of canned tuna but it is so practical to keep in the pantry.

21-Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 3 – What’s on the menu?

Every week’s meal plan has it’s own Pinterest Board so that you can easily find the recipes to make for the week!

Sunday Prep-Day Notes

Be sure to buy a large tub of Plain Greek Yogurt and Cottage cheese for your morning snacks, and some hummus and pre-portioned cheddar cheese for the afternoon snacks.

  • Cut and portion out your veggies and cheese for your afternoon snacks and store in resealable plastic bags.
  • Make 21-Day Fix Burritos. This is a great recipe to double and freeze.
  • Make your salad dressing and store it in the fridge for later use.
  • Measure out your yogurt and cottage cheese into ready-to-go portions so that all you have to do is add fruit in the morning and go!
21-Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 3
21-Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 3

Click HERE to get your copy of this week’s 21-Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 3!


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