21-Day Fix Meal Plan – Week 1

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This week’s meal plan includes a few recipes that have earned a permanent spot in my weekly menu rotation. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I even snuck a couple of glasses of wine in there for you… You’re welcome!

When preparing this particular meal plan, I tried to use components that can be re-used throughout the week, as I do with every meal plan. For instance a few meals incorporate Quinoa, so be sure to make a big batch of it on Sunday Prep Day!

What’s on the menu?

Every week’s meal plan has it’s own Pinterest Board so that you can easily find the recipes to make for the week!

Sunday Prep Day Notes
  • Cut and portion out your veggies and cheese for your afternoon snacks and store in resealable plastic bags.
  • Make ahead the jambalaya, quinoa and roasted salmon.
  • Grill a couple of chicken breasts seasoned with a spice blend of your choice
  • Measure out your yogurt and cottage cheese into ready-to-go portions so that all you have to do is add fruit in the morning and go!
Stock your freezer!

Lasagna Rolls freeze really well, so why not double the recipe and freeze individual portions for when you are on the go!

Grill or oven roast a few chicken breasts on Prep day, slice it and freeze individual red container portions in resealable plastic bags. These will come in handy for salads or wraps when you’re in a hurry or on the go! Be sure to slice the chicken thin enough before freezing so that it takes less time to thaw out!

I like to freeze my leftovers in plastic containers and use masking or painter’s tape to write what is in each one, as well as the container count of each meal.

Click HERE to get your copy of this week’s meal plan!
Week 1 Meal Plan (1200-1499 calorie range)



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